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Asbestos and your home

Asbestos was commonly used in homes in the late 19th century through to 2000. If you suspect your home may still contain asbestos, AsMatt Ltd provides free advice, free estimate and free quotation for its removal and safe disposal. We want to make sure you and your family are safe and secure.

AsMatt Ltd has a range of services to help you and your home, such as:


• FREE local site visits in a 10 mile radius

• FREE advice on all asbestos removals

• 10% discount for local residents on ALL booked asbestos removals in a 10 mile radius

• Professional, friendly service


How can we help YOU?

For a FREE quotation on asbestos removal call AsMatt Ltd on

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Asbestos removal for your home

We understand how worrying it is to find asbestos in your home, but don't sit and worry. For free advice, call AsMatt Ltd now.





Free advice from AsMatt Ltd

• Water tank and pipe lagging

• Lofts, wall and floor cavities

• Textured floor and wall coatings including Artex

• Soffits, fascia boards, guttering and down pipes

• Fuse boxes and airing cupboards

Where to look for asbestos in your home



Asbestos cement was a popular material for the construction of garages and sheds. Once discovered, it is advisable to have the entire outbuilding removed and fully disposed of under locally controlled conditions.


AsMatt Ltd is happy to safely remove all waste and rubble from the site leaving you with a clean and safe area to work with.


If selling or purchasing a new home, private domestic customers should be aware that any asbestos in the property may be included on their mortgage surveys. AsMatt Ltd can offer a full asbestos survey service.

Outbuildings and Garages

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"The air we breathe is such a precious commodity - let's make it safer for this generation and the next."

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