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Found asbestos and not sure what to do?

For free advice call AsMatt Ltd:

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If asbestos has been identified in your property, it is vital that it is removed and disposed of safely.


From commercial and industrial sites to domestic properties, AsMatt Ltd has the specialist skills required to rid your home, business premises or demolition site of asbestos.


So have AsMatt Ltd remove that unwanted asbestos and ensure your property is safe and secure.

To ensure you live or work in a safe environment, call AsMatt Ltd for an asbestos survey.


Asbestos grew popular with builders in the late 19th century for its strength, resistance to fire and affordability. It has been used in roofs, tanks, ceilings and floors, however - the fibres are lethal.


Find out if your property is at risk and take advantage of AsMatt Ltd's

asbestos surveys.

AsMatt Ltd -

making your environment safe

If you have found asbestos in your commercial property, it's vital you have it removed to ensure the safety of you and the public. Trust the experts to look after your property and call AsMatt Ltd today!

Asbestos in your home can be of serious harm. If you are unsure as to whether you are at risk, contact us today. We offer free advice and site visits to make sure your home stays safe!

Health and Safety legislation makes is clear that if you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of a non-domestic or commercial property, it is your duty to ensure that any asbestos used in the building is identified and managed.


"The air we breathe is such a precious commodity - let's make it safer for this generation and the next."

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AsMatt Ltd is insured to undertake surveys and carry out the safe removal and disposal of any asbestos found in the property. For free advice and a free quotation, call AsMatt Ltd now.